The SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO is a portable re-al-time spectrum analyzer, designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. Both its scanning speed and recording time are unrivaled.

The analyzer scans 20
GHz in less than 20 ms, making it the worlds fastest counter-surveillance receiver

• Rugged outdoor spectrum analyzer
• Real-time bandwidth of up to 175 MHz
• Certified per MIL-STD-810G andIP65
• Radio monitoring and enforcement

The world’s fastest real-time analyzer software
Why we are different?

The ever evolving physical security threats to companies, employees, infrastructure and assets present unique challenges to organizations worldwide.

At International Armour, we expertly address physical security and operational risk issues by employing a holistic approach, encompassing all aspects of a client’s operations.

With a wide range of experience and with a vast arsenal of expertise, our physical security professionals provide support for all facets of an effective security program, including: threat assessments, close protection, surveillance, business continuity services, information and data security, risk assessment and crisis management.

We help clients reduce their exposure to threats and protect employees and assets by helping to identify gaps in existing physical security programs and by recommending improvements and enhancements to facilities, policies, procedures and technology.

Our Security Services Sector was initially developed to provide high-level protective security and logistical support to public figures, corporations, corporate executives, religious leaders, political figures and others at high risk.

Should you have domestic or international Executive Protection requirements, our agents are available round the clock, well trained in Secret Service techniques with an unobtrusive approach that is allowing the protected and the agents to “blend-in” to the visiting environment.

Advance work is the key to our success.

All logistics are coordinated with our Advance Agents to expedite the protected safe travel

With and through our strategic partners and affiliated companies, we provide TOTAL security services;

Physical security, Executive protection, Diplomatic & VIP protection, Land security, Maritime security, Emergency response and response analysis, Security audits, Counter surveillance, Threat - Risk assessment and security contingency planning, Special task teams, Trusted intelligence solutions, Private investigations and Plants/mines security.

Our specialists deliver industry leading solutions worldwide to multi-national organizations and private clients operating in complex and emerging markets. International Armour depth of knowledge and experience is drawn from an array of backgrounds including Military and Law Enforcement providing the technical, physical and mental aptitudes required to provide functional and cost-effective solutions.

Special Task Teams

For those interested in turn-key operations, International Armour with and through special task teams based on our elite arsenal is providing the highest quality service and according all the time to the needs of each client.

For this, we have divided our TASK TEAMS services to 4 main sub divisions:







Each Division is led by a former top official from international security system, each of who shares years of experience in their field of expertise. The personnel chosen for each task or mission are considered as the most professional.
    Security Services / Equipment
Security & Surveillance
Security Services & Solutions

International Armour is a corporate entity in charge of the international development of the group and its affiliated companies. 

We provide a large range of strategically added value services in all respective fields within the scope of our business while we offer comprehensive security consulting services, from assessments and master planning to policy development, business continuity strategies and audits as well as security and maritime security teams in order to well and with safety secure your people and your property.

To be always in readiness against any request, we have divided our Company in various services sectors:

- Corporate Security Services
- Private Security Services
- Maritime Security Services
- Land Security Services
- Special Training
- High Technology Security Solutions
- Task Teams (sea/land)

Our global team of security experts help clients prevent, plan for and respond appropriately to myriad security risks so they can focus on their business.

Security decisions you make today can determine your organization security for years to come.  Our security consultants can ensure you take a considered approach that is based on industry best practices as well as real-world experience.

We mitigates risk and develops comprehensive security programs for government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations across the globe.

Our assessments, training, crisis management, protective and support services help customers create and sustain secure business environments.

Organizations trust our partners to protect their people, critical infrastructure and other high value assets.

Our specialists will develop a security program that is tailored specifically to fit your needs as, at all times, we want to make sure you have the tools, resources and necessary guidance to grow your business and secure your future.

We provide professionally trained security experts capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local and international laws.

In order for our clients to rest assured that their people are secure while at the same time  enabling organizations to pursue business as usual even in the most austere environments, we employ seasoned professionals with the highest experience in special military operations, law enforcement and counter- terrorism units.

We realize that there is no substitute for strong “on the ground” leadership.

We have successfully mobilized and managed large numbers of security teams on-site in hostile environments.

Our program managers oversee large projects in multiple locations while managing day-to-day protective security details and operations.

We secure the collection & transportation of your valuable products

Through legal authorizations and legal permissions we,

- are physically with the client overseeing the valuables being assessed/valued by the Government Office.

- record the weight of the parcel or the gold

-  record the total carats of the parcel or the gold

- physically oversees the sealing of the parcel or the gold safe security bag by the government office staff

- secure the place in the diamonds/gold center(s) for the well transaction providing the necessary manning & gemologists required

- secure the sale & purchase according to our policy and procedures

- secure the well deposit, store and safety of the valuables in the certified centers

Comprehend, advanced VIP Protection operational practical tools in order to increase professional performances.

Experience in unique training methods and operation.

Improve individual, team security and combat skills.

Our personnel are screened and fully licensed.

All our team members are experienced operators, where their backgrounds vary; some are former military, police, or have worked in the private sector for many years, domestically and internationally.

Team members are constantly training to improve their skills to assure our client's safety
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
For Good and for Evil!
Whether terrorists are attempting to assassinate a high-ranking government official, bring down a building or explode a bomb in a subway, their first order of business is to determine how best to set up the attack.
You make business, we keep you safe!

Being exposed to threats from criminal organizations, social activist groups or religiously motivated individuals could cause tremendous restrictions in life quality, seizing international business opportunities or achieving personal objectives, as it often also affects the lives of closest family members.

INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR vows its unique service to protecting Principals΄ well-being, their freedom and integrity in literally any environment worldwide. As the loyal and trusted partner of international clients, we mitigate security risks professionally in day-to-day operations.

To INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR personal security implies to proactively avoid incidents, which could endanger our Principals, their reputation and family members.

We therefore put great emphasis on accurate and real-time intelligence gathering in general as well as thorough preparation of each close protection task. Our solutions then incorporates operational, personnel, procedural and technical security measures, which are in line with our clients΄ threat level and individual preferences.

Our international specialists benefit from operational experience on all continents in different threats with Principals ranging from key governmental personnel, company executives and expertise staff members to ultra high net-worth individuals and their families.

Our operating staff preferably maintains a discreet and low profile approach to its protective service.

By providing a highly professional but unobtrusive protection, our solutions aims to respect the privacy of our clients
and to reduce the contact surface for opportunistic actions taken against our Principals.

• Providing physical security and personal protection services
• Providing consulting to private militaries and security companies
• Providing training and consulting to security personnel
• Implementing security layouts according to security risk assessments
• Establishment of surveillance teams
• Preparing and implementing penetration tests
• Providing tactical medical consulting / Instruction
• Providing HighTech security solutions
Our core values are based on high standards of business integrity.

We do not pay bribes, engage in acts of corruption or receive kickbacks either directly or indirectly.